⸻ S-400 Series

Discover The Natural Warmth Of Our Wooden Front Doors

Spitfire wooden front doors possess a timeless charm, seamlessly blending with the natural environment while exuding a sense of warmth and security. The intricate patterns and textures of wood create a welcoming atmosphere for anyone entering the home.

Crafted from multi-layered engineered timber, our unique timber door collection stands out for its durability, resisting warping and twisting over time. Complemented by a solid wooden frame, the S-400 Series doors are available in a choice of Modern or Classic designs.

⸻ Wood Features

Explore a Range of Wood Species for Your Front Door

Our dedicated team of designers is here to assist you in understanding the features and advantages of our wooden front doors, ensuring you can make an informed decision for your home. Choose from Spruce, Larch, Oak, or reclaimed Vintage timber.

Doors crafted from Spruce or Larch offer versatility, as they can be treated with a variety of Oil or Stain finishes or painted in your preferred RAL colour, to complement the existing decor in your home. Oak front doors from Spitfire Doors can be treated with exquisite, rich stain finishes that enhance the inherent beauty of the wood grain.

All our timber front doors can be equipped with an easy-to-programme and user-friendly fingerprint opening system, favoured by most of our customers. This secure system seamlessly integrates with most home automation systems, offering flexibility and peace of mind. Our timber doors can feature aluminium clad door frames, in a choice of RAL finishes, to complement our Aluclad windows.

⸻ Versatility

Discover The Beauty of Reclaimed Timber Front Doors

Our reclaimed timber front doors offer a distinctive blend of rustic charm and eco-conscious design. These doors not only add character to your home but also contribute to sustainability efforts by repurposing wood from previous structures.

Just like our Modern and Classic ranges, Vintage doors are hand-crafted with engineered timber and thermally efficient cores, ensuring both durability and energy efficiency.

The distinctive feature of our Vintage doors lies in the creation of a stunning 19mm bonded panel, expertly crafted from reclaimed timber. Each panel, rich in character, is securely fixed to the exterior face of the door. As the reclaimed timber remains untreated, Vintage designs require protection from the elements, ideally with a canopy above the door.

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⸻ Energy Efficiency

Unveiling the Craftsmanship: Delving into the Details of Timber Doors

In our S-400 Series timber front doors, you have the option to choose from three frame thicknesses: 68mm, 85mm, or 100mm. Our standard 68mm thick door sash achieves a U-value of 1.2 W/m2K, ensuring excellent energy efficiency.

For those seeking to meet Passive House standards, our 100mm frame thickness offers exceptional energy performance without compromising on elegance, providing both comfort and sustainability for your home.

All doors featuring glass in their design are equipped with triple-glazed VSG toughened and laminated glass, prioritising your safety and security. With the flexibility to be manufactured up to 1250mm wide x 2700mm tall, our doors can meet RC2 and RC3 levels of security as needed.

Furthermore, each timber door design can be specified as a Fire Door, making them ideal for use between the house and garage, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

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⸻ Features & Options

S-400 Series Features & Options

Spruce, Larch or Oak

Modern, Classic and Vintage designs

68mm profile achieves U-Value of 1.2 W/m2K

85mm profile achieves U-Value of 1.0 W/m2K

100mm flush profile achieves U-Value of 0.9 W/m2K and meets Passive House standards

Doors up to 1250mm wide x 2700mm high

Fire doors are available

Winkhaus 2 hook lock

6 keys

20mm low threshold

Navon Fingerprint Scanner

Navon Fingerprint Scanner with Winkhaus motor for automatic opening

Navon blue motion Winkhaus automatic opening and closing suitable for areas of high traffic

Black or grey glass to face

RC2 and RC3 security is available, testing carried out at Rossenheim

Winkhaus 4 hook lock

AV4 Slamshut lock


LED light to illuminate the threshold

LED light in the handle

Letterbox with 110mm sleeve

Aluminium clad frame in any RAL colour – applied over the timber frame when a stepped frame is specified

Aluminium or Black door closer

Concealed door closer in Aluminium finish (not black)

Concealed steel hinge can take up to 200kgs per hinge

Sensor which beeps when the door is opened

  • Soundproof to 37 Db when installed (tested to 42 Db)
  • Side lights
  • Top lights
S-400 Series Aluminium Doors