⸻ Tilt and Turn Doors

Aluclad Tilt And Turn Doors With Dual Functionality

The Norwood Tilt and Turn Door system offers a practical solution for both new building designs and refurbishment projects. This system allows for the construction of doors with traditional Tilt and Turn functionality, ensuring superior escape, ventilation, and airflow options while maintaining security.

The doors open inwards for added convenience and functionality and can meet Passive House Standards.

⸻ Efficiency

Aluclad Tilt And Turn Doors Can Meet Passive House Standards

Made to bespoke sizes and Installed by Wolf Line, our aluclad timber Tilt and Turn doors epitomise timeless elegance while offering outstanding insulation and durability, making them the top choice for eco-conscious individuals. Standardised with double glazing, these doors achieve an impressive low U-Value of 1.0 W/m²K, effectively reducing energy consumption and cutting utility costs.

For those aiming to meet Passive House standards, we provide bespoke Tilt and Turn Doors with high-performance triple glazing, showcasing an exceptional U-Value of just 0.73 W/m²K.

⸻ Modern & Sleek

Modern and Sleek Aluclad Tilt And Turn Doors

Our Aluclad Tilt and Turn Doors operate in a similar way to our Tilt and Turn Windows, with the advantage of being crafted to the full height of a door. These modern doors can tilt inwards, directing airflow and ventilation into a room while limiting the opening space to maintain security.

Tilt and Turn Doors are particularly well-suited for rooms where a fire escape route is mandated but where regular door usage is unlikely. Typically found in upper-floor bedrooms, these doors prioritise ventilation and daylight, but can operate as an emergency exit door if required.

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Tilt and Turn Doors
⸻ Colour Options

Exploring Colour Options For Tilt and Turn Doors

Our Norwood Tilt and Turn doors, crafted with precision by skilled joiners, are available in Softwood with a contemporary white finish as the standard option. For increased durability and a sleek, modern aesthetic, aluminium cladding can be incorporated on the exterior, painted with a powder-coated finish to seamlessly complement the timber doors.

In addition to Softwood, you have the choice of Oak or Accoya for your Tilt and Turn Doors. Choose from a range of RAL finishes to suit your preferences. With the option to select different colours for the interior and exterior, you can customise the appearance to perfectly complement your desired decor.

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⸻ Features & Options

Balcony Doors Features & Options

Aluclad Timber Tilt and Turn Doors

Inward opening

Superior escape facility

Great for airflow and ventilation

Secure, multi-point locking

High quality white painted finish – RAL 9010

Aluminium cladding in White – RAL 9010

U-Value of 1.0 W/m²K with 24mm double glazing

Crafted from FSC Certified Softwood

Coated with Teknos wood preservative

Laminated and finger-jointed

Aluminium glazing bead fitted to base of window

Choose from Oak or Accoya

Wide range of RAL paint finishes available

Can meet Passive House standards with 48mm triple glazing

Can achieve a U-Value of 0.73 W/m²K

Toughened Safety, Laminated, Solar Control and Acoustic glass to 44 decibels